On my Distaste for Cinema

It's not that I despise cinema, it's just that I prefer the written word. I recognize both writing and filmmaking as art, but the visual nature of film can result in permanent retinal scarring. In lay speak, mental flashbacks. For me, a bad movie leaves a filthy taste in my mouth that is hard to extinguish. Putting down a book is simple enough, but when a movie is bad and you have to leave the theatre, there's work involved. There is also the cost, and I being notably thrifty, would resent paying for a dud.

Thus, I must be dragged to "the movies," and promised:

  • a ride
  • paid ticket
  • snack (or dinner before)
  • carbonated beverage

With all of the aforementioned promised, I may accompany you if one or more of the conditions apply:

  • I think the movie is worthwhile
  • It's been a while since we spent time together 
  • I owe you a favor
  • I really need to kill two hours
  • You offer a future favor
  • Bodily harm is threatened if I do not partake 

As you can imagine given the multitude of prerequisites, I do not see a lot of movies in the theatre. I have been known to watch movies on TV or even rent one. The casual nature of home viewing lessens the harsh reality of a crappy flick and generally costs less. Having befriended film buffs and even students of the motion picture arts and sciences, I am looked at as an anomaly. So be it! There isn't much I'm dogmatic about, and as I said, exceptions are made so I really don't see the need to defend my preference to not engorge myself with whatever gets slapped up on the big screen this week. My tastes are for older films or any that rely on more than lasciviousness, cheap tricks or pedigree. Sure, I'll laugh over a dumb comedy, but I have my standards.

Hmmm, did someone just wax the floor? I seemed to have slipped a bit dismounting the ol' soap box. Turning rant off, carry on.


  1. I don't go to the cinemas much either. It's too far away and too much of a hassle.

    I can NOT put down a book however, no matter how bad it is. I keep reading due to a sick compulsion to see what happens. I keep telling myself "It might get better. It has to. Well, it can't get worse"

  2. I feel you on the book thing - I actually read this one book twice, and had a friend read it too, if I really didn't like the book. It had these parts that were interesting, but overall the plot dragged and the writing was mediocre. It's hit or miss when you buy books at the thrift store. Lucky for me, I've found more hits than misses. But yeah, had to confirm that one was a C-.


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