Tuesday's Child, Monday Birthday

Well, my birthday is just a few days away and I thought I'd share my list of wants. Mind you, this is an exercise in creativity, as my family and offline friends don't read my blog. If they did, they'd probably comment, like nice online friends. Sorry, rant over.

First off, a full-time job. I need the revenue.  Once I land my sweet gig I plan on enjoying benefits like dental insurance. These four cavities won't fill themselves! A cleaning isn't too hard on the funds, but fillings drill deep into the wallet.  After a couple paychecks, I'll splurge on new contact lenses. My two-year- old veterans finally had enough and are now torn. My geek glasses are actually a slightly stronger prescription and constantly sliding off my face, which means I'm not living up to my mantra, "Tuesday's child is full of grace."

I actually have gotten pre-birthday money from one parent, and have been informed I may get post-birthday money from another. I guess that neutralizes the matter, as if both were received on the actual day. Currency gives me plenty of opportunity to take care of some expenses/purchases, but I won't be spending it on random gubbins.

But let's say I did....here's what I'd indulge in:

Mini UV Sanitizing Wand
No, I'm not like TV's OCD detective Monk. I just think this would come in handy for situations I may find myself in. You know, like, life.

The Mighty PowerPack
This is a tad more practical, as I've been known to leave lights on and have low tire pressure. As I'm going to do some camping, I'll need backup power, so again, handy gizmo. I tried researching various multi-tasking power thingamabobs, and this one seemed to be a fair price point, weight, capacity and have the feaatures I want. If anyone knows more about this gizmos, particularly recommendations, let me know.

Go Go Gadget Juicer
This one even shocks me. Never imagined I'd have a hankering for a gurgling, blade running, produce pummeler, so I blame it on my growing health concerns and late night infomercials. It's a bit of an overwhelming science, it seems, to decipher the pros/cons of the various makes/models. Again, recommendations welcome. Waring offers a model under $60 with favorable reviews, so I'm slightly partial due to the thrift factor. Breville makes some quite stylish (also well-reviewed) models, but for a higher markup. Unfortunately, super man Jack Lalanne's juicer reviews haven't been as impressive as his remarkable health. I'll keep my eye on eBay and see if I can store a deal.

Well, what else does a girl need?

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  1. Happy birthday for Tuesday.

    I secretly (or now not so secretly as I'm posting it on the internet for the world to see) want this thing that sanitizes tooth brushes. I guess that ties in to both the teeth thing and the sanitizing thing. Look at me, Mr Efficiency.


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