25 Random Audrey Facts


1. has been to all 50 states in the USA.
2. loves espresso; illy and lavatazza are fave brands.
3. speaks a tiny bit of Mandarin Chinese after years of study.
4. loves to dance to reggae music.
5. speaks some Spanglish.
6. is a pro at scoring toys out of "claw" vending machines, once having to haul off a garbage bag full.
7. still has some archived articles on Philly's CityPaper online.
8. enjoys Texas Hold 'em, and was going to be a dealer for special events in Atlanta.
9. knows that waitressing is one of the hardest jobs in the world.
10. can bachata y merengue with the best of them!
11. took 2 black and white photography classes in college and loves old school B&W imagery.
12. makes a wicked pineapple casserole.
13. likes homemade soap scented with essential oils.
14. makes up dances to cheer up sick and depressed people.
15. enjoys poetry and spoken word readings, and likes to share her work.
16. and best friend Sharon make up "GRQs"--Get Rich Quick Schemes but rarely do them.
17. loves the work of both David and Amy Sedaris.
18. tears up when watching Grand Hotel.
19. sold cups of kool-aid for a quarter while attending a marketing conference in high school.
20. actually had fun at camp as a kid.
21. savors visiting places with fresh, clean air that revives the senses.
22. draws comics when she can't fall asleep.
23. calls herself a "Curator of Knowledge" . . .
24. took speech class in elementary school so she could say the letter, "R."
25. missed a lot of critical math classes in order to speak that letter, "R."

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