Pretty Swell Jewelry

If you're truly a Voter of Audrey, you'll enjoy my eccentric collection of jewelry. Here's the backstory:

Fresh out of college I opened a small accessory shop, Salt Boutique. I curated a collection of handmade baubles and bags and set up shop in my hometown of Columbia, SC. I ended up buying more mass produced pieces to fill the shop with cheaper items that were frankly not my cup of tea but would sell easier than the avant grade styles I loved. That was the wrong move and lead to me closing shop. It did give me a passion to not just find jewelry creators, but to become one.

Years passed worked a few corporate gigs in various US cities but landed back in Columbia. When I was "between jobs," I decided to start creating and Pretty Swell was born. I focused most of my time on this endeavor when I wasn't fully employed but then it inevitably got but on the proverbial back burner when I did rejoin Corporate America. A few "early adopters" AKA fledgling fans were sad to hear of my hiatus. I was too. More years passed and I decided no matter what I was doing to earn a salary, I wanted to still create wearable art.

Welcome back, Pretty Swell. There's no longer a dedicated website just for the brand, but it'll have this sweet spot on my blog.

Here are some key things to know about the Pretty Swell brand:

  • All authentic pieces will feature a custom tag in one of these styles:
    • Metal: Silver or Copper Finish with "Pretty Swell" engraved in cursive, in the style of Miriam Haskell
    • Acrylic: Either a clear acrylic heart with cursive "ps" engraving OR black or white cutout of the heart anchor logo design
  • Pretty Swell is very anti-junk and mass production - each piece is one of a kind, and while some styles are similar there will never be a duplicate. Your accessory is yours and yours alone. 
  • All Pretty Swell pieces are composed of either "used" vintage (repurposed), "new" vintage (new old stock), natural gemstones and metals, or US made components (metal from a local metalsmith, clay beads from a clay worker, for example). At least 95% of the piece will fall in the above category, as I occasionally use a clasp or other finding that may have been mass produced. This would be the exception to the rule, however. 
  • Pricing is fair, not artificially inflated. Cost will vary by piece because of A) materials - a faceted citrine bead is more expensive than a 60's era plastic one, although both are awesome - and B) time - which can vary based on the complexity of the design. What I do promise you is that you never pay a premium for the name.

This page isn't finished yet, as there's so much more I want to share. But perhaps this video will help sum up things a bit. I hope you enjoy wearing your PS creation even more than I enjoyed making it.