12 Days of K-Cups, Day 1: Buffalo Soldier

Get up, stand up! Stand up for ya cup!

Welcome to the 12 Days of K-Cups, Day 1 Review! Big ups to the Voters reading this edition. Here we have something truly special - a fine dark roast for the strong Rastas! Or anyone who likes a hearty cup of Joe...

I'll be breaking down the reviews each day with the following chart. Some days will have videos, but the chart will still be included. Let's go!

K-Cup: Buffalo Soldier Brand: Marley Coffees
Ingredients: Arabica coffee
Taste: Smooth, strong, hint of dark chocolate
Price: $$$$
Best for: Morning wake-up, afternoon revival (when you're fighting for survival)

Bonus Notes: This is good stuff. It's on the high end; $9.99 for a dozen at MarleyCoffee.com with better prices on Amazon. As an added incentive, 1 cent per cup sold goes to Water Wise Coffee. It's also now in an Eco-Cup, an easy-to-recycle clear cup. Marley Coffee has its own coffee for roasting, but for its K-cups line, it's partnered with RealCup, creators of the Flavor Max filter. Honestly, I'm not sure if its the coffee or this new filter, but I definitely taste the realness. While I won't be drinking this everyday, I will definitely stock for special mornings or to share with the coffee snobs in my family.

CHRISTMAS BONUS! Currently, 12-11-15, Amazon is offering 24-count box of Buffalo Soldier K-Cups for just $15.99 with free shipping for Prime members. This is a great savings and if you click the link below to purchase you'll be helping out VoteAudrey!

12 Days of K-Cups - A VoteAudrey Holiday Special Edition

Happy Holidays Voters! For my seasonal greeting, I will razzle dazzle you with an exciting series of K-cup reviews. Now that I'm officially on the Keurig Mini bandwagon, I'm always interested in finding a new flavor and saving a buck. Hopefully you will enjoy my non-paid for reviews, seeing as I'm not being paid and K-cups ain't cheap (would you like to pay me? anyone?). 

As I go throughout the 12 days, I'll update the list here so you can see what flavors/brands are covered. In the end, I will make a lovely wreath of the spent cups which you can bid for on eBay! (Only kidding... I mean, I'll probably make the wreath but doubtful I'll place up for auction)

  • Day 1: Buffalo Soldier by Marley Coffee (Dark Roast Coffee)
  • Day 2: Fuhgeddaboutit by Brooklyn Bean Roastery (Dark Roast Coffee)
  • Day 3: Spiced Cider by Grove Square (Apple Cider Drink)
  • Day 4: Hazelnut by Green Mountain Coffee (Flavored Coffee)
  • Day 5: Paris by Harney & Sons (Black Tea)

If you have any flavors you'd like me to try, send me a tweet @VoteAudrey as soon as possible so I can get it/try it in time -thanks!