Writing Bio

Audrey V. Hoffman is a product of the enigmatic state of South Carolina, and humble albeit ambitious parents. Since childhood, her aim has been to share beauty in a fallen world, employing the written word as a means of expression. Her first endeavor in writing involved her self-made fashion magazine. Subscriptions were only a quarter, although the magazine folded as she couldn't guarantee how many issues would be made. There was only so much copy paper at her mother's office. During her studies in communication at Drexel University, she served as a delegate for the school's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America and interned as a reporter with Philadelphia's City Paper. Post academia, she landed a job interview at a PR firm in Atlanta. Not wanting to waste a good drive, she booked a second interview for marketing at an architecture firm. This was a serendipitous move, as she became enthralled with the world of design, going so far as to ask the interviewing architect to teach her how to decipher the elevations and floor plans lying on the table. Her enthusiasm landed that job, which became a launch pad to collaborations with both locally acclaimed and renowned international design firms. She became active with the American Marketing Association and the Society of Marketing Professional Services, working closely with a seasoned mentor in the latter. She was instrumental in securing public and private sector contracts, coordinating teams of designers and presenting proposals on their behalf. After years running on caffeine, little sleep and 60 hour work weeks, she left the corporate scene. Working freelance, she now accepts technical writing and graphic design projects from a selective group of professional service firms. With time for personal growth, she has delved into latin dance, blogging, travel and silversmithing. She proudly lists her claims to fame as having traveled to all 50 states and feeding a liger. Goals include expanding said list and writing in the areas of emerging design trends and new technologies.

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