Tea Party Protests Across US

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In major cities across the US, citizens gathered to protest government spending and the newly approved stimulus package.

Twitter hash tags like #teaparty and #tcot showcase results of local gatherings (many held during midday hours). (Click here for the stream)

These modern tea parties cited negligence and poor management in past bailouts, questioning whether additional funds will help or hurt.

"Throwing more money at big businesses that are taking it and spending it on bad things is a bad idea. I think bailing out people who have made bad mortgages is a bad idea because it's throwing money at a problem that's just going to make it worse."
(Michelle Jacobsen, interviewed by Chicago NPR reporter Lynette Kalsnes)

While touted as a bipartisan effort, the Right seem to be the most outspoken in regards to Obama's plans to cut deficit and improve economy.

What's your take on the State of the Union?

Photo above courtesy Twitpic by conservative blogger @michellemalkin

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