Don't Put Your Rubbish in My Bin

I've been an eBay shopper for 10 years and never had a bad experience. I don't want to elaborate because the entire situation was mentally and emotionally taxing. And here's the rub: another buyer responded to my feedback in THEIR feedback?!? What gives? Just because I have a negative experience doesn't mean you will. I purchased over 50 lots from this seller, you got 1 99-cent auction. I'm glad this seller was nice to you (and your paltry purchase), but I got a poked with a poo stick. And your jibberish grammatically challenged remark greatly mimics that of the seller, so perhaps you are birds of a feather. I will not comment on your experience, so don't comment on mine. (If you had a malpractice suit against a doctor who cut off the wrong leg, and I too was a patient of that same doctor, I have no right to call your feelings nonsense just because I had a positive experience. It's a fool who sticks their nose in the business dealings of others, sir or madam.)

While the other shopper knows nothing of my situation, they choose to say my opinion is a "buncha crap." I'll not fling fire back directly, for I try never to engage drunks or fools in conversation. It's a lose-lose situation. I'm not disputing their positive experience; I've no dog in that hunt. He or she would do well to keep my name off their lips and off their typing.

Now dear readers, please kindly forgive my rant. We live in a world rife with ignorance and sin. God forgives sin, but darned if I don't have the hardest time forgiving ignorance, blatant stupidity or rubbernecking. And I'd gladly stick my hand out for the swat of a Catholic nun, although I that too is a ridiculous form of purification. As for cleansing, I'll need to do something to remove the stench of a bad deal from these beads, a negativity which I can't have obstructing my creativity.

Lovely image by Big Fat Rat found on Flickr

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