Long overdue

Yikes, who knew my blogging hiatus was almost two months! Surely that's the gestation period for some small animal life. To justify the unjustifiable, I've been busy making jewelry (and big messes) and traveling overseas. There are about a dozen blog posts flitting about my brain, and if I could constrain myself to one task at a time (that actually gets completed), I'm sure they would make for fine reads. Until I can achieve that level of zen, here are a few basic updates and going-ons in the life of Audrey:

New stuff for sale at JetWhitePonytail 
Mainly vintage beads and other supplies to make old school cool stuff 

Write on
It's been months since I've submitted anything, so the goal is to enter a few competitions, pen an article or two and peddle a bit of poetry over the next few months. Focus!

What's not swell is the pro photographer who never delivered the goods after a 5 hour photos shoot. I've got my own images and they're fair, but not mind blowing. Still, early interest shown in some of my work and I must get keep calm and carry on. Will keep you posted. (For reference, Pretty Swell is my new endeavor in vintage retailing & jewelry created with vintage components)

Class Act
I'm scheduled to take some classes at a lapidary arts school come September. (Actually not doing lapidary work, just more generally jewelry crafting, fyi) Super excited about learning some solid skills and getting back in the camper which will house me for the weeks I'm class. 

That's about it for now, but fingers crossed, I'll get around to some of those compelling posts I've been ruminating on. 

Photo from the cherry blossom girl, courtesy flickr 

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