Battle Ensues, Cycle Continues

I've always been a moody, introspective, emotionally sensitive gal. I brood. I muse. I ponder. Sometimes I take action, but usually I just make plans and then pull the plug. Usually my desire for change/justification/comeuppance subsides as logical reasoning tips the scale. Of course, there are occasions where I actually do something spontaneously rebellious which leads to either regret or silent satisfaction. Mostly regret, which is why my logic could be considered a bit conditioned. Sometimes my mind gets so full of thought, a quick escape seems to be the only answer. Again, I reason to myself (how much gas do you have? how many pairs of clean underpants?), and usually stay put. Mentally, I am oft in a state of treason, uncertain if what I'm fighting for is worth it, and what is it that I'm really fighting for? Perhaps I'm a pessimistic idealist. This photo appears to be of a woman with terrier seeking refuge. Maybe one day it'll be Rico (my rat terrier) and I in the caravan. If this occurs, be kind and take a photograph for future cataloguing. Photograph from The National Library of Scotland.  (PS - Scotland's a place I wouldn't mind running off to)

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