Happy Easter and Off on Spring Holiday

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, reflecting on the holiday and its significance, spending time with friends and family....

I made it to church and only 15 minutes late. My sister has a 2-seater and decided that her boy toy was more important than flesh and blood, so I had to drive myself and stop for petrol of course. No matter, my dress was fabulous (shame I didn't get to curl my hair, though, or don a hat).

I didn't snap a picture in of myself in my lovely Easter dress, so here's a picture of the handmade vintage gem on the left. (That's a model, not me - although I have lost a bit of weight lately, I'm no woodland nymph). Dress fit perfect, as I was able to fill it out quite nicely with my curves ;) Cheers to Hot Vintage of New Orleans for getting it to me in record time, so I could sport it for Easter!

Tomorrow, I'll be off to Edisto, hopefully getting a bit of sun on my pasty whiteness. I'm sure the Vitamin D is necessary. I won't have internet for days, which always puts me into a bit of a shock. There's plenty of crafty things I need to tend to, and of course the "quality family time" bit, so no worries. Sis is bringing the boy toy, so I'll to wear brassieres under my night gowns and otherwise behave.

I miss my open-chats on this blog, but as PrettySwell.com rounds out, more time for musing surely must follow. Until I return from the beach, here's a few recent obsessions/suggestions//links/blah-blah-blahs for your perusal:

As in Green Wing, a bit of raunchy raucous Brit humour now up on Hulu. Perhaps I enjoy it because I enjoy most Brit comedies or because I was once rather unfortunately hospitalized at St. Mary's in London.  No matter the reason, if you fancy Coupling and The Office (the real one), chances are this will have you smitten too.

Didn't plan to get off on a UK tangent, but I won't fight it, as it were. If you like pugs not drugs and cute illustrations, you'll be keen on Gemma Correll.  I may tell her how tidy her art is, if I can muster the courage.

Maps are curious creatures, no? I mean, they potentially offer a wealth of information or a crock pot of bullocks. And if you didn't realize how vast the field of maps are, hike over to Strange Maps.  The blog regularly posts everything from the bizarre, obscure, figurative, and archaic, all in map form. Possibly one of the cleverest (and most emulated) map renderings in history, the Underground (aka Tube) map. Also worth note whilst you get your Brit-bearings: Sherlock Holme's flat.

Enjoy, love, and let's hope I leave the beach a tad golden. 

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  1. Have fun at Edisto! Too bad I've been stuck with sick kids! Would love to see you sooner than later! I love you!


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