Happy Trails Ahead . . .

Okay, so I'd like to go ahead and make an announcement, but I'm going to wait until "the deal is sealed." (This lame-o that dated a friend of mine uses phrases like, 'sealing the deal' but there's never a deal, nor a seal.) Just know I'm feelin' pretty darn good right about now...aside from my contacts which are older than this radio.

However, according to my formula:
Vintage pastel radio = cute
Vintage protein-laden soft contacts = painfully uncute

I've got some some saline solution, but it's a nose spray. You know, for when you get all stuffy and just want to clear out the gremlins. If it's just saline, I should be able to quickly rinse my contacts with it, right? Well, better not risk it. Too much "happy" at stake. Here's a clue: It's Teal and Has 2 Wheels.

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