Closed door, open fire escape?

Well, I'm not in the Top 20 for the STA World Intern competition. Did I think I'd make it that far? Actually, yes. The difference in this challenge (versus the Great Barrier Reef) is that a fairly extensive application accompanied the video. It included your resume (CV), writing samples, social media networks, personal statements, et cetera. It wasn't just about the video, although I thought I came across as quite creative. Some contacted me and stated it didn't say enough about my travels or whatnot, but trust me, they got allllllllll that information in the full application.  It was tantalizing, I tell you.

Moving on:

Will I continue this blog? Absolutely! Do I have immediate plans? My immediate plans change daily (hence "immediate"). Right now main goal is to sell house in Atlanta and secure a lucrative (read: at least minimum wage) full-time job. Do I regret entering this competition and/or the Great Barrier Reef Best Job gig? No! The behind the scenes stuff is way cooler than the medley on YouTube. Little communities have sprouted and that's where the connections/benefits lie. Until my next act, (to quote popular World War II-era British poster), "Keep Calm and Carry On."


  1. At least you tried to meet the requirements and of course the experience of doing is priceless! Having a blog is really reaching out with others online and somehow develops our creative thinking and confidence to express ourselves... Enjoy writing!

  2. You're right, so make value to take away from all of this :)


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