The VA Aweirds v1

What's an Aweird you ask? Quite simply, it's an award given by yours truly for a category you won't find elsewhere.
Revel in the splendor of the talent that is before you. These wonders are so magnificent, they are in categories all their own. What do these talents have in common? Well, 4/6 are bloggers, 2/6 Australian, and all worth a look.

Behold, I bring you first batch of winners:

Best Avatar in a Leisure Suit: Scoman

To quote the Scoman, "I feel the worlds problems would go away if we all had winning smiles and leisure suits."

Best Use of Oven Mitts: JJ
Corralling a kitten! Click here for the full story.

Best Comment Comic: Benn Dunn
Have a laugh at our modern world's connectivity on Tactical Diversion. For best results, use liberally. Also runner up for best manscarf.

Best Mail: Owl Post by celestefrittata
You could send regular mail....or you could go Owl Post! It's like the Pony Express only Owlyier. Perfect for the nocturnal.

Best Snapshot of Yourself: Polaroid Mirror
Paranoid about you may have something gross lodged betwixt teeth? Handy desktop Polaroid style mirror to the rescue!

Best Fringe: mompaulak
Beautiful Australian supermom blogger Paula sports a most fabulous bang cut in her avatar.


  1. I would like to acknowledge all the little people, without whom this could never have been possible.
    Thank you, little people, for making such a glorious manscarf.

  2. I think you get the award for "Most creative awards"

    And I would like to thank all the people out there with crap avatars in leisure suits for really providing me with no competition at all.

    I'm also interested to know, who was the winner of best manscarf. I guess for now that will be one of lifes little mysteries.

  3. The winner of the Best Manscarf will be, single, able to breakdance, heterosexual and my future husband.

  4. I'd like to thank my 'hair stylist to the stars' without whom this fringe would not have been possible....she has to bangcut it weekly...an awful job but hey someone's gotta do it (or the avatar will die)! And of course Miss Audrey....is my home state of Queensland, Australia, ready for her??? hmmm....is she ready for US, is more the question!

    I humbly accept this award on behalf of all 'bangcut moms!' ciao aussie paula xoxo

  5. Hi again Miss Audrey,

    I owe u a SKINFOOD MASK SACHET SAMPLE. Visit me at http://momfamilychild-help.typepad.com/hanginthere/

    for my email & email an address to post it to.
    Are you on Twitter?
    ciao aussie mompaulak xoxo

  6. Wow, I'm glad you loved the story! Thanks for the notoriety!

    You know what you've done now? Now, I have to check out 4/6 blogs on that list. :P

    Happy V-Day!


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