Think I'm a Sellout?

Dear Reader:
I hope you don't think I'm a sellout for placing ads on this blog. Here are my reasons, plain and simple:

1. I need the money - If I get any revenue from these links, TERRIFIC! I've got bills to pay, we all do. If the links are ineffective, I'll take them off.

2. I love a good bargain - Who doesn't? When I can share a coupon, I'm happy to do it.

3. Big girls need love too - I won't go into details, but I'm a busty lass. It's hard to go bra shopping and a lot of my female friends have the same problem. Some of the retailers listed are good sources for these scarce unmentionables I just mentioned.

4. I'm cool with all the vendors - I've hand selected these advertisers because I find their products/services to be a good value, personally or via testimonials of close friends/family. You will not find me placing an ad link to the guy with a rack of watches in his coat.

I suppose I don't have to defend my position on this as I own the domain. But this isn't just any website, it's a blog, and I encourage interaction. (possible now the comment form is working!) No one likes that 300-pound gorilla in the room, but there's something charming about Magilla Gorilla and Grape Ape. My point is, transparency matters, and I'm telling you there will be some ads from time to time. Avert your eyes or tease your senses, it's up to you. All better now? Good.


  1. I don't think your a sellout. I just got here. Maybe selling out got me to notice you- like when Metallica sold out.

    I do love the ad though that says "20% off. Free samples" On my first glance I didn't see the full stop in there, and was like "How do you take 20% off free?"

  2. Scoman, it's the deal of the century.

  3. Good for you. If you can find a way to make a little cash while on the internet, do it. And if you can save me money (not looking for busty bras at the moment. lol), Awesome.

  4. Don't worry about being called a "sell out." Someone once told me that a website doesn't really "look official," until its got some ads on it. :P


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