Internet Authenticity or How to Apologize on the Net

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most active 2.0 celebs. He uses a variety of platforms (like Twitter) to connect with fans and share a little of his gold rimmed world.

One of his projects, BlahGirls.com, part comic, part commentary documents the "lives" of bobble-headed teen girls and their unapologetic misadventures. Quite often, it's a riot. Two recent video posts were of the handsome actor himself, one an angry rant, the other a follow-up apology.

It's such an appropriate way to retract an online oops, that it almost seems like a plant. Celeb lesson: If you make ugly remarks, apologize as soon as you regain decency.


  1. Some of Ashton's projects are great. Some not so much.

    I can't check out this one right now. I'm at work and have no speakers. (Yes, I work hard for the money)

  2. I'm enjoying following demi & ashton on twitter too MissAudrey! there oscar party coverage won them a lot of fans. Hey, you haven't joined http://www.sassy-mamas.com/ yet! they ahve a special HELP-VOTE FOR ME forum/group. you could grab some extra votes..great group of over 60 girls lending support to each other. check it out! mompaulak xoxo


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