The Great Desk Escape

Tired of staring at your Swingline stapler? Need to cope to endure your nine-to-five? Take a mini-vacation at your desk! Oh, sure the concept is pathetic and cheesy, but trust me it helps. Rejuvenate periodically throughout the day because the alternative is drooling on your keyboard.

Enter the Zen Zone

Plants improve your quality of air and maybe even quality of life. I like attractive, self-contained hearty types, who refuse to die despite my blatant neglect. With good jobs and --oh wait, sorry, talking about plants, not men. Right...so here are three picks from Bonsai Boy of New York that are affordable, zentastic and office appropriate. (Images link to products)


Some offices are really anti-fragrance, even touting your scent as a potential killer of a person you don't know who has severe allergies. No burning candles as you burn the midnight oil! It's time to be stealth. I've been a big fan of essential oils since college, when I received a starter kit from a friend. Years later, a manager gifted me with a mini-kit of personal oil blends (diluted for skin contact) with promises like, "Energizing," "Relaxation," "Clarifying," et cetera. Place a dot on your pulse points (underside wrists) and you can alter your mood without having an office altercation. (If you'd like some recommendations, leave a comment and I can recommend brands/mixes)

Clean Space

I'm the creative type, so you know I'm uber messy. Especially mid-project--total chaos! If you throw yourself into your work like I do, consider these fun organizers, like an easy toss-in tray, magnetic paperclip holder, or file/magazine holder. (I'm digging that last one because it reflects chaos, yet is meant to corral just that...genius!)

And when all else, fails...grab the caffeine!

If you simply can't relax and you've started to drool, it's time to grab everyone's drug of choice, caffeine. Even though this drug is perfectly legal and consumed by masses, you don't want to appear like a fiend in front of co-workers. If you've already had half a pot of coffee and it's not even noon, consider alternative delivery methods for dosing. Caffeine can now be found in soaps, breath mints, and yes, even tasty jelly beans! (Please do not fee to children or pigeons)
I don't know about you, but for me fruit punch flavor + caffeine equals a good time.


  1. Hey Miss Audrey
    What a hoot! Glad someone else needs a sturdy man, er, plant....and at last count I had 37 essential oils! not sure about the caffeine mixers tho....must be a US thing...u mite do it tuff at GBR with that:-)
    ciao from aussie, paulak xoxo

  2. Hi MissAudrey

    sassymamas social networking site is up and running at http://www.sassy-mamas.com/

    I need your email addy to get you an invite to join or sign in yourself. I am one of their 'sassy 16' launch mamas so we can get a campaign going to get you some Votes. if u want to email me: gnibeautykits@yahoo.com

    or I'll see you at sassymamas! ciao paulak xoxo


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