Do you have the power?

I could write about yesterday's Super Bowl or Twilight for rave reviews, but these things aren't on my mind. She Ra is!

The thought trail led me to thinking about the wondrous Princess of Power. Only 20 Halloweens ago, I donned a gold mask, wrist cuffs and white dress to emulate my cartoon shero. We all know the eighties brought a lot of amazing cartoons, but something was magical about the twin brother/sister duo of He Man and She Ra. I mean, how much manlier can you get than being a HE-MAN? And She Ra is just an abbreviated way of saying, "She rocks!" The colors of this cartoon were amazing, and even the villain was a load of laughs. My best friend and I both got a chuckle out of Skeletor calling someone a "boob." Yes, these were good times, friend.

I hate to brag, but I must confess I owed the plastic castle with elevator (activated by my hand moving a string, I believe; amazing). Enjoy the song below and see why I desperately wanted to be a blonde.


  1. Good Post. I have to admit, I loved that show. I also had the castle. Some major sexual overtones in it though. I mean come on "Ram Man" "Prince Adam (who had a Penis for a head)" "Fisto".

    Hope you enjoy this one.


  2. Todd, will you marry me?
    Only kidding, I need to verify your banking information first.
    And lots of livestock. And gold, lots and lots of bars of gold.

    Thanks for that AMAZING link/comment combo.


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