6 USB Flash Drives I Dig

Lately I've been thinking about taking my geek show on the road, hitting up a Tweetup or maybe even the 20Somethings Blogger Meetup. And somehow, in my mind, that's related to stylish portable storage.

Here's a few exciting portable file storage options (no, really):

1. For the Paris Hilton in Your Life:

Robot Happy Laura USB Memory Key by Swarovski
For use as a pendant/charm,
2 GB, $180
Bonus: LED ears glow whilst transferring data
Not digging this chick? Maybe you'll like her boyfriend,
Naughty Raymond (I don't make this stuff up, folks)

2. For the Paranoid Super Sleuth :

Capsule Flash Drive at USBGeeks
"Dosage:" 2 GB (green cap), 4 GB (red cap), $35/70
Bonus: In case of emergency need to swallow, would you be able to retrieve data after?

3. For the Quackhead:

Donald Duck Pez Dispenser Flash Drive by CraftsbyDiana
2 GB, $30
Bonus: There's still room to store 3 Pez candies.

4. For the Naturalist

Wato, The Data Stix by fing
1 GB, $30
Bonus: Handfelted with Australian merino wool, your buddy
ships straight from Sydney.

5. For the Pastry Puff

Donut USB Storage from Gizmine
1 GB, $59.99
Bonus: As Fat Fighters coach Marjorie Dawes would say,
this is your "low fat alternative."

6. For the Island Caretaker

Conair Flash Survivor USB Drive from TigerDirect
4 GB, $29.99 (more options available)
Bonus: The successful candidate (hopefully myself) will need
a mega durable storage device, and this puppy is waterproof
and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Solid!


  1. That Survivor USB drive seems like the perfect jump drive for me. Not that I find myself in "survival" situations, but I'm always leaving my usb drives in my pockets and running them through the wash. Surprisingly enough, they still work perfectly after a run through the dryer. :P

  2. Love the Pez dispenser. Multiple uses. Very nice


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