Tater Terror

A series of random events reminded me of a sophomore year dorm incident. I was in particularly giddy/creative mood, so I (with friend watching/frowning) made a potato man. This potato man wasn't very distinct, aside from his hard-to-miss potato manness. Thinking I was quite clever, I proceeded to go and share my gift to the world with several floor mates. My nonsupportive friend accompanied me as I knocked on many doors, most opening to find my robust tuber pal. Many eyes rolled, jaws dropped. Not nearly as many laughs as I thought, but possibly due to the sourpuss expression on my frowny friend's face. Certainly it wasn't potato's fault.
Almost done with mission, I visited one more friend. She opened the door, shrieked, covered her face and writhed, and slammed the door. Huh? A second knock later and I discovered my friend had a fear of potatoes. Turns out the eyes that grow really long on an old potato were quite traumatizing. I, quite perplexed, muttered an apology and returned to my room to contemplate/laugh hysterically. Sure, I felt bad about it, but who knew? How can you predict something like that? Later I developed a pseudo-phobia of "coupon booklets," but that's another story. Meanwhile, enjoy this relevant clip.

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